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Next Steps Therapies Summer Offerings!

Updated: May 24, 2023

We know summer schedules are unpredictable and feel busier than ever. That is why we are excited to offer increased flexibility of options for you this summer.

You can sign up for:

- one or two consultation sessions

- individual PT or OT sessions/ Parent Coaching sessions in sets of 4 or 8.

- There is no requirement to use

them every week, and can instead be booked based on your availability.

- There is a 10% discount when you buy a package of 4 sessions and a 15% discount when you buy a package of 8 sessions. This is more than $30 and $100 in savings!

- You can mix and match in person and virtual sessions as well to best meet your needs when you are on vacation!

These services are perfect for

  • if you have been thinking about trying these services but were unsure about making the commitment

  • your child did not qualify for school based summer services but you want to make sure they maintain their skills

  • you know your child struggles with the changes in the summer and you are looking for support managing meltdowns/ picky eating/ potty training

  • you notice that your child is more unstable and tired with all the extra physical activity of summer

  • if you need extra scheduling flexibility during your summers not provided other places!

Reach out Today and Plan Ahead for your Summer Needs!

Please reach out by email at or on our website here We are happy to email or talk on the phone to answer any questions and find the summer session package that works best for your family!


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