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Pediatric Therapy Services

Children's Race

Home-based Physical Therapy

  • gross motor delays

  • neuro-muscular conditions

  • hypertonia or hypotonia

  • exercise training for kids

  • cystic fibrosis or other pulmonary conditions

  • toe walking

  • intoeing and flat feet

  • complex medical conditions

  • birth to 3

  • infant massage 

We are also pleased to offer  short term PT school based contracts for 

- leaves or absences

- ensure IEP deadlines are met for evaluations or annual reviews

- determine what equipment or specific technique  is needed for a student 

- meet the needs of a complex student with a therapist who has that specialized skillset 

Kid Painting

 Home-based or Virtual Occupational Therapy

  • child based life skills- feeding, dressing, toileting, sleeping, grooming

  • Picky eating and feeding therapy

  • sensory processing/ regulation

  • retained reflexes

  • fine motor delays

  • handwriting

  • complex medical conditions

  • Occupational Performance Coaching Method for remote/virtual service option

This service is available in MetroWest, Worcester County Only 

Kids in Preschool

Parent Coaching/ Consultation


  • available for both PT and OT for parents and other professionals (SLPs, daycares, nutritionists, etc.).

  • We are here to answer your questions and help guide you by providing general strategies and supports

  • Support with the IEP process

Parent Coaching:​

  • Initial in-home meeting if you are in the Massachusetts area, virtual services following 

  •  sensory processing, emotional regulation

  • executive functioning

  • feeding support

  • fine and gross motor

  • how to advocate for your child in the school setting 

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Community and home based therapies. Parent coaching. Specializing in pediatric development, providing high quality and convenient services individualized to each child and family's need. Servicing the Merrimack Valley, North Shore, Worcester County and more.

We are neurodiversity affirming and strength based!

The Process



  • We offer a free 15 minute phone consult to new families to help determine what service is right for you and prepare for the evaluation

  • Consultation can be used to better understand your child's IEP, 504 Plan, to help you feel knowledgeable and empowered going into your child's IEP meeting, or to better understand the transition process from school to adult programs/ early intervention to school therapy.

  • A recap email is provided with a review of what was discussed and suggestions 

  • This service is also available to schools and other practitioners in our community looking for PT/ OT support. 



  • All evaluations or first time coaching session takes place in person in your home and will assess all areas related to either physical or occupational therapy.

  • Your therapist will go over the results with you and explain what services would be best for your child.

  • You will also be provided an evaluation report so you can share it with your child's other providers as needed. 



  • If treatment is recommended, we will build goals and objectives with you for your child's first treatment period (approximately 3 months). Services are provided by developmental experts who use research based treatments

  • Physical therapy treatment sessions can take place in home or in the community based upon your preferences and needs and ends with strategies specific to your child you can implement immediately

  • Occupational therapy treatment sessions can take place in the home or community based upon your preferences or needs. There is also the option for virtual. 

  • Parent coaching offers an in-person initial meeting in your home if you are in our MA catchment area. Following, it is remote, either over the phone or by video conferencing.

  • Each session utilizing any model ends with an individualized action plan and resources specific to your child and needs. 

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Our Community Offerings


Jackie Shannon PT, DPT

With a decade of experience in pediatric physical therapy, Jackie is an expert in child development. After moving to Amesbury with her husband she quickly learned there is a lack of pediatric therapy services in the Merrimack Valley and North Shore areas.  Knowing the value of treating in the natural environment, she wanted to improve access to services in her community. Jackie has a background in outpatient, hospital, and early intervention settings. She has experience working with children birth to 22 with gross motor delays, neuro-muscular diagnoses, gait abnormalities, birth to 3, pediatric pulmonary conditions and pediatric exercise interventions. She is certified in infant massage and kinesiotape for pediatrics. 

Amanda Hart, OTR/L

IMG-5475 (1).JPG

With a decade of experience, Amanda is an expert in child development and navigating school systems. After spending the last eight years working in a school district she is passionate about supporting parents who want to close the disconnect between school and home therapies. Amanda has experience working with children birth to 22, complex medical conditions, sensory processing, emotional regulation. She has a background in early intervention, outpatient, mental health community based residential/ acute treatment programs, and the school setting (including special education, inclusion programs, and collaboratives). She is certified in the SOS Feeding Program and Therapeutic Listening and trained in Handwriting Without Tears, Zones of Regulation, interocpetion, and retained reflexes.  Amanda believes in nuerodiversity and strength based care


Next Steps is an out-of-network provider and offers private pay plans. This allows us more flexibility in treatment plans and truly individualize each treatment without insurance dictating what or how we work on your child's development. Many insurances do not cover the types of services that are considered "developmental", parent education, or provided within the community. Consultations are given with no evaluation or diagnosis and are therefore unable to be covered by medical insurance. 

Payment can be done by cash, check, or card (including HSA cards). Superbills are also available for reimbursement through your individual insurance provider.

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